Ethical Hacking & Pentesting Support

Penetration Testing can at times be a frustrating endeavor, so where can you turn to in order to obtain help, hints & tips to accomplish a task?

In this article we provide a selection of forums and support sites that cover various topics relating to Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing:

This site has two main areas of interest to Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers:

  • Pentesting – this covers tools, tutorials & configurations.
  • Hacking & Coding – this includes a subsection on Hacking & Exploits.


CryptBB is an advanced Cyber Security and Hacking Forum powered by LongPig and Power, it’s been on Tor since 2017.
CryptBB focuses on security and anonymity by offering customized security measures to all users and a secure environment where users can discuss and trade in total security, anonymity and privacy.

With this site being on the Dark Web, you can only access it through the likes of the Tor browser and not a your typical MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser.

Garage4hackers Forum

Forums are grouped together into the following relevant categories:

  • Garage Lounge
  • Hacking and Security Discussions
  • General Security Discussions
  • Experts Forum


This site has a number of computer & tech related forums with the following being of most interest here:

  • Ethical hacking

Hack Forums

This site covers forums on a wide variety of subject matters with the most relevant one to this page being:

  • Hacks, Exploits, and Various Discussions

Hellbound Hackers

The Hacking & Security Forum has a number of categories with the most relevant to this article being:

  • Challenges
  • Computer General

Kali Forums

Given Kali Linux is one of, if not the, most popular Linux distributions used for Penetration Testing then it has to be one of the best sources of help and support when carrying out these tasks.

Null Byte Forum

This is a combination of HowTo articles with discussions around them plus Forum-style threads.

The Ethical Hacker Network

The main, though extensive, category of interest here is:

  • Ethical Hacking Discussions and Related Certifications


Although zSecurity are a training company they do have a section on their site with hacking-related learning categories & topics:

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Hacking Using Android
  • Network Hacking
  • Python & Ethical Hacking
  • Social Engineering
  • Website Hacking

Do you have any suggestions to add to the above list for places to obtain help about Ethical Hacking or Penetration Test? If so please comment below.

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