Informative articles covering a variety of subjects & topics relating to Cyber Security & Pentesting.

  • Solana – does Proof-of-History improve security?
    Layer 1 crypto platform, Solana, offers a faster and cheaper blockchain solution to Ethereum. This is achieved using Proof-of-History combined with Proof-of-Stake consensus. We look at any security implications.
  • Securing web sites against Hackers
    Web sites are frequent targets of Cyber Criminals and Hackers. This is especially the case for financial and online retail sites. So what are the best approaches to securing web sites against these types of attacks?
  • Cyber Security through Deception (part 2)
    In this, the second of a 2-part article, we continue to look at Deception Technologies. We examine leading solutions using it to defend against Cyber Attacks.
  • Cyber Security through Deception (part 1)
    Here we look at what Deception Technology is. We examine the problems faced which may put it to good use. Then the tactics employed and related terminology.
  • Living with a Password Manager (part 3)
    In the final part of our article we find out how well 1Password stacks up as a Password Manager. We examine how well our password-related objectives are met across a range of scenarios.

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