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  • How To install NetHunter Lite (part 2)
    Having downloaded a ROM image and Rooting our Android device, we now turn to installing Kali Linux NetHunter Lite. This will give us a smartphone or tablet that is a dedicated and fully-featured mobile Pentesting platform.
  • How To install NetHunter Lite (part 1)
    In this How To we look at turning a smartphone or tablet into a dedicated and fully-featured mobile Pentesting platform. We start with downloading the Kali Linux NetHunter Lite ROM image and Rooting the Android device.
  • How To upgrade Android for NetHunter from Linux (part 1)
    In this 2-part article we look at How To upgrade to a later version of Android on a Nexus device from a Linux computer. We then see if this helps improve support for Kali Linux NetHunter Rootless Edition.
  • How To install NetHunter Rootless Edition
    Can a smartphone or tablet be turned into a real mobile Pentesting platform? Here we look at installing Kali Linux NetHunter Rootless Edition on Nexus devices.
  • How To install Metasploitable
    Metasploitable is a Linux-based Virtual Machine that has been built to include intentional vulnerabilities. These are ready for Ethical Hackers & Pentesters to discover & exploit in order to practice their skills.

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