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  • Cyber Crime audiobooks
    In this article we have compiled a selection of Audiobooks covering Cyber Crimes and Cyber Wars. They cover the different hacking groups who have committed these acts together with the organizations tasked with tracking them down and countering the threats.
  • System & Network Administration audiobooks
    Below is a range of highly rated and popular audiobooks about System and Network Administration.
  • Security & Encryption audiobooks
    Here is a selection of highly rated and popular audiobooks on the subject of Cyber Security & Encryption.

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Books / eBooks

  • Cyber Security reads
    Here we have compiled a series of books & ebooks to read up on Cyber Security. They provide an introduction through to advanced topics on the threats, potential consequences, and mitigation techniques.
  • Secure Web Development ebooks
    Here is a selection of highly rated ebooks on developing secure web applications and sites.
  • Ethical Hacking books
    We have collated a selection of highly rated and popular books on the subject of Ethical Hacking.

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eZines / Magazines

  • Top 10 Cyber Security magazines
    How do IT Professionals find out about the latest Cyber Security threats & vulnerabilities, strategies to employ to keep systems & data both safe & secure, and software & hardware to deploy in the on-going war with Cyber Criminals & malicious Hackers?
  • Ethical Hacking magazines
    How to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and opportunities in the world of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing? Why not try subscribing one or more of our selection of relevant online magazines.
  • Linux magazines
    Which are the most popular magazines about the Linux operating system that are available in print format or online? This article covers a selection of the ones currently and recently available.

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  • Cyber Espionage videos
    Since the age of the Internet, cyber skills have been utilized as methods of gathering intelligence, creating deception, and causing disruption. These techniques have been employed by criminal organizations, governments, and corporations.
  • Safety, Security & Privacy when surfing the Internet
    Here are some video suggestions about how to stay safe & secure whilst maintaining personal privacy when surfing the internet.
  • Cyber Crime videos
    We have put together some suggestions on documentaries, movies and series to watch regarding Cyber Crime & Hacking which are available in a variety of viewing formats.

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