A range of useful hardware & software to aid Penetration Testing & Cyber Security related activities.

Apps & Packages

  • Wireshark – Network Packet Analyzer
    In this article we examine Wireshark which is a graphical network packet analyzer. Wireshark is available on many platforms, supports multiple protocols, and can be used to capture live data that can be analyzed offline.
  • theHarvester – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
    Here we examine how theHarvester can be used to carry out OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) in order to gather emails, names, subdomains, IP addresses and URLs.
  • recon-ng – Web Reconnaissance Framework (part 2)
    This is this second part of the article on the Web Reconnaissance Framework known as recon-ng. We continue to look at examples of its usage as an intelligence gathering tool.

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  • USB Pentesting devices & attack tools (part 2)
    Today we continue to check out some USB-based devices to help with Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking of computers and networks.
  • USB Pentesting devices & attack tools (part 1)
    Today we take a look at some types of USB-based devices available to assist in Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking of computers and networks.
  • Wireless Adapters for Pentesting
    Most computers, tablets, cellphones and other portable devices come with some form of built-in Wireless Adapter but Penetration Testing often requires ones with specific features.

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Operating Systems

  • Privacy & Security via Tails & Qubes OS
    Staying safe whilst using a computer is becoming more important by the day. Whether at home, work, or traveling your computer is vulnerable to being compromised. This article looks at 2 operating systems with a primary focus on privacy & security.
  • BackBox Linux
    Today we examine BackBox Linux which is toted to be fast, easy to use, and provides a minimal yet complete desktop environment. It contains the most popular and best known ethical hack tools.
  • Kali Linux for Pentesting
    In this article we take a look at Kali Linux from Offensive Security. Kali is a Debian-based Linux Distribution containing several hundred tools geared towards Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering.

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Virtual Machines

  • Penetration Testing with VirtualBox
    In this article we take a look at the Virtual Machine hypervisor product VirtualBox, which is a useful tool for White Hat Hacking and Pentesting.
  • Pentesting with VMware
    How can VMware help with Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking within the realm of Cyber Security?
  • Virtual Machines & Cyber Security
    In the article we look at what a Virtual Machine is, their uses in the context of Cyber Security, the Pros & Cons, and some of the offerings to consider.

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