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HackerOne is a ‘Hacker Powered Security Testing’ platform offering Bug Bounties.

For Businesses they offer this range of products:

  • HackerOne Response – free of charge vulnerability reports by third-party hackers which can be used by infosec professionals to fix problems identified.
  • HackerOne Challenge – supplementary or replacement to traditional penetration testing with ethical hackers looking for severe vulnerabilities resulting in a detailed report.
  • HackerOne Bounty – trusted hackers are incentivized to continuously test for critical vulnerabilities. These bounty programs can be private, invite-only or public.
  • HackerOne Clear – aimed at sensitive, regulated, or internal systems through strict finder vetting and enhanced program controls. Consists of Advanced Vetting and Gateway (VPN).

Additional products are available for businesses such as HackerOne Pentest. Check out their Product Overview for more information.

Does your business use the HackerOne platform to help make your systems more secure? If so please share your experiences and recommendations by commenting below.

For Ethical Hackers there are a host of bounty programs to participate in together with what is claimed as the world’s largest hacker community to join.

Hackers can work as part of 900+ security teams or individually with 50,000+ security vulnerabilities having been resolved to date.

Areas to focus your skills on include the web, API’s, IOT (Internet Of Things), Android, iOS and more.

Hackers can:

  • Compete to climb the Leaderboard.
  • Join in Live Hacking Events.
  • Utilize a variety of resources such as articles, Hacker101 videos, access to Burp Suite Pro, and Web Hacking 101 E-Book.

See their Start Hacking page for further details.

Are you a member of HackerOne who earns money from bounties on this platform? If so please comment below to share your experiences and any advice you can offer.

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