Site Launch

Today we celebrate the launch of our new web site focusing on Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing.

Welcome to our new website, Zero-Day Snoop, which aims to provide useful information to those working in the field of Cyber Security. Whether you are a Consultant, Penetration Tester, Systems Administrator, Software Developer, I.T. Manager, CTO or White Hat/Ethical Hacker then hopefully you will find out upcoming content and links to other informative resources useful.

Please feel free to contribute by engaging in discussions on content posts and pages or by contacting us to suggest ideas for future topics and other useful resources we should cover.

Site Content

Areas to be covered include:

  • Definitions of terminology
  • Discussion forums
  • How To’s guides
  • Informative articles
  • Job and bounties
  • Published Media
  • Rankings via Polls
  • Security-related tools
  • Social Media sources
  • Training resources
  • Upcoming events

All the content on this site is intended for learning and legal uses only. The authors and owners believe that knowledge and prevention combat criminal and evil intentions rather than ignorance and inaction.

Stay safe!

Do you have any suggestions for the type of content you would like to see us cover? If so please comment below.

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