Parrot OS

In this article we take a look at Parrot OS which is the flagship product of Parrot Security. It is a Debian-based operating system and designed with security and privacy in mind.Continue readingParrot OS

Ethical Hacking books

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Penetration Testing training

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Support for security Operating Systems

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Common Acronyms & Abbreviations

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Pentesting & Cyber Security on Facebook

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Best Hacking Operating System?

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HackerOne is a ‘Hacker Powered Security Testing’ platform offering Bug Bounties.Continue readingHackerOne

Selecting the right AntiVirus package

Viruses can come in various forms such as email attachments, files that are downloaded, software that is installed intentionally or unintentionally. So what is the easily solution to this?Continue readingSelecting the right AntiVirus package

Def Con 28

Aug 6-9, 2020 @ Las Vegas, NVContinue readingDef Con 28