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Cyber Security Gurus on Twitter

Here is a list of influential Twitter accounts that provide useful content relating to Penetration Testing and Cyber Security.

  • Lesley Carhart – ICS DFIR @ Dragos Inc, martial artist, gamer, marksman, humanist, L13 Neutral Good rogue. I write & tweet *very serious* things about infosec.
  • Samy Kamkar – former hacker who is now a public speaker in the field of security.
  • Spiros Margaris – ranked as the #1 global fintech influencer and #2 as Insurtech influencer by Onalytica.
  • Daniel Miessler – Exploring the intersection of security, technology, and humans.
  • Charlie Miller – former NSA, now a Cyber Security Influencer who appears frequently on TV.
  • Ben Rothke – I manage information security @ Tapad. Write articles & book reviews on security, privacy, risk management. Member of Cybersecurity Canon.
  • Shira Rubinoff – recognized cybersecurity executive, advisor, and influencer who has built two cybersecurity product companies and led multiple women-in-technology efforts.
  • Raj Samani – Chief Scientist @ McAfee, CIO @ Cloud Security Alliance, Author and Advisor on Internet Security.
  • Khali Sehnaoui – Just Another Rather Very Intelligent Sapien. Information Security Specialist. Hacker. Jedi. Geek. Black Belt. HFC. Pirate Party. CCC. Founder @ Krypton Security.
  • Joseph Steinberg – Independent Thinker, Columnist, and Author.

Do you know of any Twitter accounts that post regular interesting and useful information that would help our community? If so please comment below and share with our audience.

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