Nmap – Network Mapper

In this article we examine Nmap which is a Network Mapper. It determines hosts on a network together with information such as the Operating System running, firewalls in use, available services, and more.Continue readingNmap – Network Mapper

Does a Firewall protect against being hacked? (part 2)

In the second of a 2-part article we look at host-based and network-based firewall solutions. These can help form part of a security infrastructure to protect computers, devices and networks against being hacked.Continue readingDoes a Firewall protect against being hacked? (part 2)

Does a Firewall protect against being hacked? (part 1)

Cyber attacks come in many forms so in the first of a 2-part article we examine what is a firewall? We explain the different types of firewalls, then look at the sort of hacking attempts and cyber security attacks which a firewall can help protect against.Continue readingDoes a Firewall protect against being hacked? (part 1)

Cyber Security through Deception (part 2)

In this, the second of a 2-part article, we continue to look at Deception Technologies. We examine leading solutions using it to defend against Cyber Attacks.Continue readingCyber Security through Deception (part 2)

Cyber Security through Deception (part 1)

Here we look at what Deception Technology is. We examine the problems faced which may put it to good use. Then the tactics employed and related terminology.Continue readingCyber Security through Deception (part 1)

Privacy & Security via Tails & Qubes OS

Staying safe whilst using a computer is becoming more important by the day. Whether at home, work, or traveling your computer is vulnerable to being compromised. This article looks at 2 operating systems with a primary focus on privacy & security.Continue readingPrivacy & Security via Tails & Qubes OS

System & Network Administration audiobooks

Below is a range of highly rated and popular audiobooks about System and Network Administration.Continue readingSystem & Network Administration audiobooks

Remembering your passwords

Who doesn’t find it frustrating trying to remember all those different passwords for web sites, computers, and apps on your smartphone? Let’s take a look at some of the options out there to try help.Continue readingRemembering your passwords

Network Security training

Network Security is becoming ever more important in the quest to keep attackers out of an organization’s network. Having properly trained staff is critical for keeping employees, their computers, data and computing infrastructure safe.Continue readingNetwork Security training

Top Network Scanner?

Vote for the top Network Scanning app for use in ethical hacking and penetration testing.Continue readingTop Network Scanner?