Penetration Testing training

Here is a selection of popular and highly rated online & in-person courses to help learn the skills and techniques needed to carry out penetration testing of computers, networks and servers.

Advanced Ethical Hacking: Network & Web PenTesting – part I

Become a High-level PenTester in CyberSecurity. Network & Web application Penetration Testing (Hands-on Labs practice).

5.0 stars – online course

Advanced Web App Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, and Exploitation Techniques

This pen testing course is designed to teach you the advanced skills and techniques required to test modern web applications and next-generation technologies.

online or in-person course

Android Application Penetration Testing

Exploiting Android Applications

4.5 stars – online course

Cloud Penetration Testing

In this course you will learn the latest in penetration testing techniques focused on the cloud and how to assess cloud environments.

online or in-person course

Hands-on Penetration Testing Labs 3.0

Real technical skills from a professional pentester.

4.6 stars – online course

How To Build the Ultimate Penetration Testing Hacking Lab

The complete step-by-step system for building a penetration testing lab on your laptop.

4.7 stars – online course

Learn Step by Step Network Hacking and Penetration Testing

Learn how to hack networks and web applications like black hat hackers, and learn how to secure them from these hackers.

4.6 stars – online course

Mastering thick client application penetration testing

A practical guide to pentesting thick client applications.

5.0 stars – online course

Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

As a cybersecurity professional, you have a unique responsibility to find and understand your organization’s vulnerabilities and to work diligently to mitigate them before the bad guys pounce. This course for enterprise penetration testing, fully arms you to address this duty head-on.

online or in-person course

Penetration Testing Online Training

You’ll leave this 10-day training with hacking skills that are in high demand, as well as up to 3 certifications. This online course contains over 100 modules and over 100 hours of online training.

online course

Penetration Testing Training: Tools and Techniques

Learn how hackers compromise operating systems and evade antivirus software. Learn to discover weaknesses in your own network by using the same mindset and methods as hackers. Acquire the skills to test and exploit your defenses and implement countermeasures to reduce risk in your enterprise.

4.7 stars – in class & live online training

Penetration Testing with Metasploit Ethical hacking stream

Learn and Expertise METASPLOIT Framework Tool.

4.5 stars – online course

Penetration Testing with PowerShell Empire

Hacking with PowerShell Empire.

4.6 stars – online course

PTP v5 – Penetration Testing Professional

Course covers System Security, Network Security, PowerShell for Pentesters, Linux Exploitation, Web Application Security, WiFi Security, and Ruby for Pentesters and Metasploit.

online course

Web App Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

This course helps students move beyond push-button scanning to professional, thorough, high-value web application penetration testing.

online or in-person course

Web Hacking: WordPress Penetration Testing and Security

Learn how to do Penetration Testing on WordPress based sites also learn how to increase security on WordPress sites.

4.5 stars – online course

Website Hacking / Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting

Become a bug bounty hunter! Hack websites & web applications like black hat hackers and secure them like experts.

4.5 stars – online course

Wireless Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

This course is designed for professionals seeking a comprehensive technical ability to understand, analyze, and defend the various wireless technologies that have become ubiquitous in our environments and, increasingly, key entrance points for attackers.

online or in-person course

Have you completed any Penetration Testing courses that do not appear above and you would like to recommend? If so please comment below to let our readers know which ones and what you liked about them.

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