Wireshark – Network Packet Analyzer

In this article we examine Wireshark which is a graphical network packet analyzer. Wireshark is available on many platforms, supports multiple protocols, and can be used to capture live data that can be analyzed offline.Continue readingWireshark – Network Packet Analyzer

theHarvester – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Here we examine how theHarvester can be used to carry out OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) in order to gather emails, names, subdomains, IP addresses and URLs.Continue readingtheHarvester – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

recon-ng – Web Reconnaissance Framework (part 2)

This is this second part of the article on the Web Reconnaissance Framework known as recon-ng. We continue to look at examples of its usage as an intelligence gathering tool.Continue readingrecon-ng – Web Reconnaissance Framework (part 2)

recon-ng – Web Reconnaissance Framework (part 1)

In this first of a 2-part article we examine recon-ng which is a Web Reconnaissance Framework. It is an intelligence gathering tool aimed at reducing time spent harvesting information.Continue readingrecon-ng – Web Reconnaissance Framework (part 1)

Nmap – Network Mapper

In this article we examine Nmap which is a Network Mapper. It determines hosts on a network together with information such as the Operating System running, firewalls in use, available services, and more.Continue readingNmap – Network Mapper

Netdiscover – Network Address Discovering Tool

In this article we examine Netdiscover which is a network address discovering tool. It works on both wired & wireless networks and uses ARP requests to detect devices.Continue readingNetdiscover – Network Address Discovering Tool

legion – Network Penetration Testing Framework

We are going to examine Legion which is a Network Penetration Testing Framework. This tool can be used to perform automatic reconnaissance & scanning as well as detection of CPEs & CVEs.Continue readinglegion – Network Penetration Testing Framework

Kismet – Wireless Sniffer & Monitor (part 2)

In this, the second part of the article, we continue to examine Kismet which is a Wireless Sniffer & Monitor. We look at the remaining screens & features of the tool.Continue readingKismet – Wireless Sniffer & Monitor (part 2)

Kismet – Wireless Sniffer & Monitor (part 1)

In this two-part article we are going to examine Kismet which is a Wireless Sniffer & Monitor. This tool can be used to detect wireless networks and devices.Continue readingKismet – Wireless Sniffer & Monitor (part 1)

ike-scan – Internet Key Exchange host scanner

ike-scan is a scanner tool for discovering IKE (Internet Key Exchange) hosts and also fingerprinting them using the retransmission backoff pattern.Continue readingike-scan – Internet Key Exchange host scanner